Our Approach

Our Approach.


Company mobility has a strategic value if it helps a company to achieve its strategic aim and supports to implement them. The business information mobilization can assist a company to improve and re-configure a process efficiencies and performance by developing a legacy processes and forming a new procedures and a new business models, thus leading a company to gain the competitive edge.

The mobility impact on the business operations is evolving rapidly and its overall implications to the company competitive edge is increasing.
The mobility environment requires a well defined, information security considering framework for intelligent decision making and planning of the environment, and further to communicate and execute the aforesaid decisions and plans.

Our Mobile Strategy framework is the framework for a company mobile information development. The more structured and systematic the way company mobility plans are made and fitted in the processes of strategic business planning and overall information security planning, the greater the value is for the company.



Nowadays people tend to seek a mobile working tools suitable to one's working habits and tasks at hand, and furthermore also receive a multiple recommendations by various networks of external colleges and friends, how to organize their work with a new mobile tools and applications.

This kind of a current behavior requires a new operating models and management competences to foster the mobile generation to adopt the necessary company policies and practices for a company acceptable and secure mobile information and device usage.

Our Mobile Security Policy template library is a way to set and communicate the requirements and statements related to the productive and secured company mobility. These policies serve as a base for the company standards and guidelines for the acceptable mobile device usage and technically enabled mobile security.

Policies can be build-up in co-operation with the business, firstly aiming to protect corporate assets by setting the outlines for acceptable and secure mobile device usage, but also keeping in mind the new possibilities that are brought to the business by these current mobile productivity tools.



In the long run only the everyday routine will reveal the degree of the implementation of the developed mobility plans. A chosen mobility strategy content must be implemented so elaborate that it creates a solid base for a company mobility culture to be established and nourished.

Successfully implemented mobility strategy forms an affirmative mobility culture, creating the benefits of enhanced collaboration, learning and productivity, thus keeping up the employee satisfaction and motivation. The dynamic company communication culture appeals to the recruits of the mobile generation also.

The mobility culture cannot be based on coincidence but systematic, conscious operations affecting to the culture. Mobility culture is fostered by the assertive Company Mobile Security Policies, practices and educative operations aiming for the purposeful company mobility formation and defined in the Company Mobile Strategy.